Leveraging Technology and Fostering Entrepreneurship


Kiran Malhotra is the kind of leader who buckles her seat belt for a wild ride while she and her team and organization reaches for stars. It is no wonder that TiE has thrived during this time of great transition, despite the fact that Kiran is new to technology and entrepreneurship.

Kiran’s passion is to inspire, educate and connect people for business purposes and it’s a great fit with TiE where the global network of technology entrepreneurs have been innovating for decades.

Kiran has modeled some key qualities of effective leadership and has the following advice about leadership:

  • Always have a can-do attitude and make wise choices on who is in your closest circle.
  • Surround yourself with people who are smarter and more effective than you are and engage them in collaborating with you to make things happen for mutual benefit.
  • Create programs and resources and connections which others would value.
  • See an opportunity when times are challenging and ride the up-swing when the tide turns.
  • When it’s sink or swim, choose to swim.
  • Getting knocked off the chair a few times will make you wiser and more resilient.
  • Expect and even drive change. You’re not sacrificing work-life balance when you do that. You’re just taking more ownership and control of the change that will inevitably happen.
  • Take the time to stay informed.
  • Stay centered by keeping fit, making time for yourself to get re-charged and grounded, and confiding with trusted others.

As a leader documenting and supporting emerging technology and business trends, Kiran has a front-line view of the technology and business opportunities ahead. Hot areas include social media, mobile, cloud, and the curious convergence of these technologies. Other interesting business trends include the rapid rise of capital-efficient businesses, the participation of an increasingly younger entrepreneur (even teens!), the re-emergence of funding, etc.  Find out more and attend TiECon:

Please join me in thanking Kiran for taking the time to participate in our interview, and for inspiring us to be more connected, better educated, and better positioned for the new business and technology opportunities ahead.


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