Getting Your Company from Here to There


This month, our marketing blog will work in conjunction with our leadership blog with the same theme: Getting from Here to There. This marketing blog will focus on the company aspects of it: Getting Your Company From Here to There while our leadership blog speaks to Who Gets From Here to There. Below is advice to help companies get from-here-to-there, integrating vision with strategy and execution.


1.  Having a big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) is the inspiration and the purpose behind a company. Whether it’s a company just starting out, or one who needs to pivot from one market to another, this BHAG will address why you are in business – it is the big-picture view of what you do for whom and why.

2.  Your vision should include details about your product or service offerings and the niche audiences for each must be thoroughly understood.

3.  Everyone in the company must be aligned with the vision for the company, particularly those at the highest level.


4.  Your strategy should include specific information about your differentiators and value proposition, how your service or product offerings differ from what competitors are offering.

5.  The communication strategy about the vision, the strategic direction and execution successes of the company

6.  Strategically, you should also consider how to efficiently deliver the products and services in a sustainable and scalable way.

7.  Everyone in the company must be aligned with the strategy for the company, particularly those at the highest level.


8.  Consistently delivering excellence in execution will set you apart from everyone else. Every person involved with the organization must make a personal stand for excellence, and help ensure that as an individual, team and organization overall, excellence is delivered.

9.  Company leaders who aren’t confident that excellence will be delivered in every instance may be living on borrowed time.


10.  In the end, it’s about the leaders and companies who can do more than each individual piece: vision, strategy and execution, but also be able to integrate the three and weave back and forth between elements with ease.

Companies need to create momentum, preferably in a positive direction. The integration of a grand vision, a customer- and market- based strategy, and excellent execution will help great companies to get from-here-to-there. Company leaders who chose the status quo and embedded complacency, are headed for imminent extinction.


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