Top Ten Reasons for Choosing Collaborations


Collaboration (2)In an age where personalization rules and business moves at the speed of light, companies and leaders who choose the collaboration option give themselves a slight edge over other companies.

Strategic Impact – The focus on collaboration will have a strategic impact on both the participants as well as the whole ecosystem.

1. To facilitate strategic collaborations, consider an ecosystem approach engaging complementary partners. This would involve not just understanding the industry, technologies and trends, but also the key players and needs of the customers.
2. Having this inter-related ecosystem would help each partner better anticipate challenges and needs for themselves, the other players in the ecosystem, and their clients and partners as well as the technology and market overall.

Communication Impact – Choosing collaborative approaches benefit the communication needs of individuals, their organizations and the group as a whole.

3. Electing to participate in collaborative measures, when done strategically can help expand the brand and reach of each participating party.

4. Strategic collaborations between complementary parties can help each successfully expand into new markets and geographies.

5. Strategically collaborating with others can help each entity crystallize their value-add within the overall needs of their niche customer base, while also supporting the prospecting/business development efforts of each party.

Technology Impact – Choosing collaboration can help you and your company explore synergistic opportunities in adjacent markets.

6. Successful collaborations between parties can invite technological synergies between companies, between solutions, and facilitate cross-over thinking which may stimulate creativity and new ways of thinking for technical and all staff.

7. Successfully done, companies can collaborate to adapt existing, proven solutions to solve new and different problems, again stretching the thinking and approach of each participating party.

8. When two parties collaborate in solving a problem breakthrough innovations may take place, leveraging the successes and approaches of both parties.

Community Impact – Choosing collaborations for short-term projects and objectives can help grow a larger community and facilitate ongoing collaborations, communications and synergies.

9. Going beyond individual collaborative opportunities and extending to an ongoing community will in turn help attract more influence and participation from the right complement of players, to serve the longer-term needs of a vibrant, inter-connected community.

10. The richness and abilities of the community will lead to a stronger set of pooled resources and best practices, stronger connections and relationships, and generally great value-add for all.

E-mail us with your thoughts and stories on how choosing collaboration has amplify your strategic, communication, technology and community impact.


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