The Like-ability Factor



Everyone wants to be liked and accepted. In business the likeability factor is a core indicator of success, for all levels, for all roles, for all industries.

But whether you’re just starting out or been around the block a few times, no matter our best of intentions, we inadvertently and proverbially stub our toe, do a faux pas, let the cat out of the bag, or in other ways socially disgrace ourselves or offend others.  Life happens. Even to the best of us! Below are some ideas about increasing *your* like-ability factor, despite the fact that stuff happens to all of us.

It’s About YOU

1. Be authentic: Accept and be who you are. Don’t try too hard to be likeable, especially to people who may not appreciate who you are and/or want you to be the way they and their friends are.
2. Stretch Yourself: Know who you are, what you like and don’t like, but also be open-minded to new things that will stretch who you are.
3. Renew yourself: Encourage, support and appreciate who you are and where you fit. Find ways to get centered, get connected, be comfortable with yourself as that will make you more likeable to others.

It’s About the Other Person

4. Accept others as they are: There is a strong correlation between acceptance and likeability. Be open minded about what ‘normal’ is, and flexible about how things should be done, how people should behave.
5. Support others: Support the success and growth of others – the more people succeed, the better off everyone is. With that said, be genuine and sincere with your support, for if you’re not, you will be viewed as manipulative, untrustworthy or worse.
6. Put others first: Show others they are important to you by putting their needs first, but only if you’re sincere in your desire to do so, only if there’s enough to go around, only if everyone benefits from this mindset.

It’s About How You Interact with Others

7. Share: Your parents and your preschool teacher were right – Share what you have. Be generous with your knowledge, skills, time and resources. But share more often with others with a sharing mindset.
8. Look on the bright side: Bring positive energy and perspective no matter what happens. The resilient, resourceful person will be most likeable and ready to lead, particularly when the going is tough.
9. Always do your part: Nobody likes a slacker. Be industrious and helpful, even if you think that nobody’s looking.
10. Express appreciation: Appreciate the little people, the little things. Appreciate how others in your life make your life fuller, more meaningful, more rewarding. True that some others make life more challenging that it could have been, but wouldn’t life be boring without them?

So rate yourself – how likeable are you right now, to those who know you best? What will you do to improve your own score? Would those who don’t know you think that you’re more likeable? What can you do to improve your first impression on them? What can you do for yourself to be more authentic, stretch yourself, renew yourself?

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