Innovation and Diversity: Two Sides of the Same Coin


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The innovation topic is hot, but never in context of the diversity topic, which is also interesting, but to generally different circles. However, there’s a deep connection between innovation and diversity, one leads to the other and vice versa. In fact, I would attest that innovation and diversity are two sides of the same coin, as innovation leads to diversity, and diversity brings on more innovation!

How Innovation Leads to Diversity

1. Innovation can lead to more diverse technology solutions and offerings.
2. Tailoring existing innovations can serve larger, more diverse markets.
3. Innovations for larger, more diverse niche markets can lead to orthogonal innovations as well as a larger range of niche markets.
4. Innovation in one area can be applied to innovation challenges in another area, leading to more diverse offerings.
5. Innovative thinking has led to wider set of divergent solutions serving a wider range of customers and needs.

How Diversity Leads to Innovation

6. Diverse markets will demand a different set of needs, requiring innovation to serve them.
7. Diversity in the workplace will help teams bring different strengths, ideas and solutions to the table, increasing the likelihood of innovative approaches, technologies, processes and solutions.
8. With a range of diverse perspectives, you can convert a failed innovation project for one need may be the next best thing since sliced bread for a different market or industry.
9. The more diverse the range of innovations, the more attractive the offerings are to a wider range of markets, and the more appealing the organization is for a wider range of employees.
10. Divergent thinking has led to some of the greatest innovations of all time.

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