LinkSV, A Great Resource for Strategic Networking



LinkSV has been THE go-to resource identifying and connecting the dots on fundings, customer acquisitions, partnership development, M&As planning, and critical hires. The top ten reasons LinkSV is one of my favorite strategic networking resource are that it helps me:


1. Identify the companies undergoing changes, from fundings to mergers to partnerships to staffing.
2. Identify the leaders joining companies, the existing board and executive teams for these companies, and consider how new leaders will help shift a company’s direction.
3. Identify the companies and leaders undergoing the most change and the implications for the industry and market.


4. Reconnect to leaders and companies in the news leveraging current changes impacting them.
5. Reconnect with people from my past – prior companies, networks and organizations.
6. Connect with people who share my educational background and areas of interest.


7. Consider the implications of funding and M&A trends for clients and partners and markets.
8. Consider the implications of technology development trends and market opportunities for these trends.
9. Consider the implications of strategic alliances on the development of technologies and markets.

Bring it Together

10. LinkSV helps me identify the organizations and people that are shaping the market and technologies, connect with them directly, and consider the implications of these changes for the future.

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FountainBlue’s CEO Linda Holroyd serves on the advisory board of LinkSV.


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