A Note of Thanks


ThanksThere’s much to be thankful for this year. I originally sent this message on to those who have touched me for any one of the bullets below, but thought it might be a message that the larger community might also appreciate. 

  1. Here’s to my own continued health and vitality, and that of those I love. It’s not until you’re sick that you appreciate the simpler things in life. It’s not until you witness the illnesses of the young, the feeble frailty and vulnerability of the old, the noble stoicism of the aging weekend warrior that you appreciate your own vigor and energy, and see fully all that life has to offer.
  2. A shout-out to the strangers who generously give their time and energy to lend a helping hand and later become a friend. Your altruism and generosity give me faith in the goodness of mankind.
  3. It’s a gift to witness the bravery and courage of those who raised the bar for themselves and insisted on making different choices, putting themselves first, and getting more of what’s rightfully theirs. You give us all hope for a better world.
  4. Thank you to those who have made me laugh at the folly of others, at the inconveniences of circumstances, and mostly at the way I nobly try to manage it. Yes, control is an illusion.
  5. For all those who gave me the resources, information and opportunity to lead, thank you so much for your faith in me, for your support of me. Life never goes as planned, but I’ve enjoyed every opportunity, every lesson and grew because you were there for me.
  6. To all those who have been part of our sports teams this year, your ongoing support, camaraderie, endurance, positive attitude and good hard work helped ensured the success of the team on and off the court. 
  7. A grateful thanks to all the players and teammates from my daughter’s teams this year. The victories, losses, close-calls, connections on and off the court provide memories for a lifetime.
  8. To all those who joined me this year for a weekly game of mahjong, thank you for bringing camaraderie, fun, entertainment, distraction and support, but mostly for showing up and being there.
  9. A shout-out to all those who took the time to listen to me when I was down, and helped me see the riches at my feet, yet beyond my imagination. I am in your debt.
  10. To my family and closest friends who witnessed my trials and tribulations this year, I am who I am, where I am because of you.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!


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