Here’s to New Beginnings



June has traditionally been a time of celebrations and transitions. There’s the whirlwind of celebrations signaling the culmination of another school year. There are graduation speeches and the ceremonies themselves, which are so full of hope and promise. There are the weddings of eager couples, surrounded by the full bloom of fragrant flowers and the love of friends and family. There are vacations where we could all rest up in celebration of our successes, and contemplate the new opportunities upon our return.

Below are some thoughts to consider this year, as you look at new beginnings. 

1. Embrace new opportunities with your Heart, Mind and Soul. 

  • Your heart brings your passion. 
  • Your mind brings your competence. 
  • Your soul seeks fulfillment.

2. Leverage the OLD to transition to the NEW.

  • Welcome new networks and connections, but nourish those you already have.
  • Welcome new Ideas, but remember that existing ideas are the foundation for new ones.
  • Welcome new opportunities, and leverage your knowledge and talents and network to succeed.

3. Surround Yourself with People Who Are Open and Inclusive.

  • Ask for their support as you embrace new beginnings.
  • Provide that support and perspective for them as they seek new beginnings.
  • Celebrate in traditions and milestones in community.

4. Slough Off the People, Actions and Things Which Have Been Holding You Back.

  • Be more distant with people who bring you negative or draining energy.
  • Stop doing the things which bring you negative energy and results. 
  • Bad habits may be so ingrained that it might take time to give them up. Choose positivity and a new beginning again and again.

5. Go Forward Boldly, Overcoming your Fear.

  • Acknowledge your fears and emotions, but put them in their place – as subservient to your goals.
  • Examine the data behind the emotions, and respond to the data rather than the emotion.
  • Don’t let your emotions prevent you from taking initiative.

6. Plan Your Path in Detail, But Go with the Flow when Executing.

  • Understand what you want, why you want it and how to get It before you start.
  • Plan your work, and work your plan. But be flexible when things don’t go quite as planned.
  • Remain focused on the end goal, and flexibility on how it will happen.

7. Create a Network that would Support Your Goal.

  • Nurture and build on your relationships and network.
  • Be strategic about the network you keep, focused on the goals you’re seeking.
  • Seek support from others, be supportive to others.

8. Be Resilient and Persistent in Your Quest for Success.

  • Be clear and focused on what you want, and redirect to that goal when there are detours.
  • Sometimes old plans lead to new outcomes, if you have a mindset of perseverance.
  • Learn from each success and from each failure.

9. Be Uniquely You.

  • Recognize your unique perspectives and talents and bring them to the table in your new beginning.
  • Try something you’ve haven’t yet tried in your past roles, but something you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Take pride in the skills and talents you bring to the table.

10. Celebrate Your Successes! 

  • Celebrate each step of the way. Don’t wait until you get to that destination, for it’s a journey.
  • Celebrate with your tribe, your network.
  • Communicate your successes and direction to others you meet. Make it part of your positive brand.

Our closing comment is to be grateful and prideful and appreciative of who you are, of how far you’ve come. Bring that positive energy to your new beginning.


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