Next Generation Wireless


Next Generation Wireless

FountainBlue’s August 13 VIP Roundtable was on the topic of ‘Next Generation Wireless’, with our hosts at Samsung. Although our executives in attendance represented a wide range of roles, organizations and industries, they all agreed that impressive developments in wireless technology and in infrastructure have helped the digital-philic consumers and businesses connect with each other and provide contact-free services. Indeed, without meeting tools like Zoom and delivery options for staples and meals, the pandemic would have made day-to-day life much more difficult.

Below is advice on growing the wireless market.

  • Focus on the problems affecting niche industries including education, healthcare, transportation, automotive.
  • Create the stable technologies and infrastructures and solutions that are foundational to successful implementation, and partner with trusted others to collaboratively address industry challenges.

Below are thoughts on upcoming wireless innovations.

  • Immersive experiences will be the next generation of wireless. These experiences will leverage technology so that the experience is more three-dimensional, simulating real-life. 
  • Sensors will become smaller, less power-consuming, more powerful, and more versatile at the same time. The challenge becomes how to integrate this plethora of sophisticated devices to manage/optimize functionality while protecting privacy, security and access.
  • Hardware innovations around consumer electronics will continue to ensure that users get access to more sophisticated solutions on their phones. 
  • Power innovation and optimization will be a key to drive wireless innovation.

But challenges remain.

  • How do we help ensure that we can all benefit from technology, bridging the divide between the haves and have-nots?
  • How do we increase compute and communication across private and public sectors, delivering a breadth of customized, scalable services when it’s difficult to envision the evolving needs of the customer?
  • How do we securely connect and fuel the devices on the edge and connect them with other devices and solutions so that people and things can respond real-time, especially when lives (and revenues) are at stake?

The bottom line is that convergence is happening – across technologies, across industries, across companies, across markets. The pandemic has amplified the speed of these convergences. Successful companies and leaders are providing the technology, connectivity, infrastructure and platform so that we can create customized programmable solutions which will enable and empower the way we live and work.


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