How to Build Culture When Nothing’s Normal

How to Build Culture When Nothing's Normal

I’m always impressed by the breadth of knowledge, wisdom, creativity and passion in the FountainBlue community. My thanks to those of you who were able to complete the Building Culture When Nothing’s Normal survey, reply to an email, or speak for a few minutes over the phone regarding your thoughts, strategies and best practices. Below is a compilation of all input, communicated across two charts, describing:

  • How to define and communicate a cultural norm
  • How to think, speak and walk the talk

One list shows how to manage and lead from any chair, while the other is about how to move the needle forward as an individual.

We welcome your e-mail feedback on any of our posts on ‘Building Culture When Nothing’s Normal‘ posts to date. For our November post, we will talk about Building Culture Use Cases, as framed with football analogies. Please share your thoughts and ideas by e-mailing us at

Building Culture When Nothing’s Normal

As a leader at all levels, Define and Communicate a Cultural Norm

  1. Articulate a burning platform.
  2. Create a customer focus.
  3. Communicate an all-in mindset.
  4. Develop an all-one mentality.
  5. Model transparent communication.
  6. Embrace diverse perspectives.
  7. Collaborate to achieve outrageous goals.
  8. Ensure clear accountability.
  9. Facilitate friendly competition.
  10. Celebrate measurable outcomes.

As an individual, regardless of your level, Think, Speak and Walk the Talk

  1. Align personal values with choices made at work.
  2. Be respectful and positive, yet direct and clear.
  3. Embrace learning opportunities.
  4. Apply learnings to challenges and opportunities.
  5. Grow stronger with each adversity.
  6. Develop agility and flexibility.
  7. choose to be open and curious.
  8. Listen attentively to a wide range of people.
  9. Share best practices to enable the success of others. 
  10. Celebrate successes and keep raising the bar.

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