Be the Sherpa



FountainBlue’s October 1 Front Line Managers Online meeting was on the topic of ‘Be the Sherpa’. My thanks also to our panelists for their participation. We were fortunate to have such a vibrant and dynamic panel for our interactive discussion on servant leadership. Below is a compilation of notes and advice for leading and empowering others.

Commit to Consistently and Authentically Showing Up

  • Honor your commitments, especially when it’s tough to do so.
  • Err on the side of action.
  • Listen deeply and well to the words and intents of others. 
  • Model the behaviors you seek.
  • Ensure that your involvement and participation makes things better for everyone involved and the project in general.
  • Consistently think, speak and walk your talk.

Choose to Do Work You Love for People Who Matter to You

  • Do right by others. 
  • Bring your full self to work, and welcome others to do the same.
  • Build relationships, networks and communities of trust, where everyone enjoys working with each other to make some challenging, important things happen.
  • Be happy and eager to connect with your team, and make sure that they are happy and eager to connect with you.

Focus on the Big Picture – Delivering Results

  • Communicate consistently, regularly, authentically and transparently, with a focus on delivering targeted results in collaboration with key stakeholders and partners.
  • Challenge each other to consistently deliver on stretch goals.

Honor All Stakeholders

  • Know the motivations of the sponsors, staff, customers, partners, and other interested parties and deliver to their needs.
  • Make sure that everyone feels acknowledged and heard and respected.

The bottom line is that servant leadership empowers and inspires everyone to do great things. My thanks to our panel for modeling that message well!


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