Open Hearts, Open Minds



FountainBlue’s December 3 Front Line Managers Online meeting on the topic of ‘Open Hearts, Open Minds’. My thanks also to our panelists for their participation. We were fortunate to have such open-minded, open-hearted leaders for today’s program. Below is a compilation of best practices for leading and following with an open heart and an open mind.

Think Strategically and Start with the Why

  • Make sure that the change is a necessary one, and worth the effort.
  • Know what success looks like and what needs to be measured to achieve the change objectives. 
  • Accept that not everyone can make the shifts needed to embrace the opportunities around the challenges of change.
  • Manage by objectives, ensuring alignment on goals and measured, time-lined outcomes.
  • Communicate the whys behind the changes in a language which resonates with the intended audiences.

Be Authentic, Transparent and True, Making it Safe for Others to Do the Same

  • Consistently think, speak and walk the talk.
  • Be vulnerable and human, and make it safe so that others feel like they can be the same way.

Embrace Opportunities to Learn and Grow – Change is a part of life, so embrace opportunities to learn and grow from the change, or risk being left behind. 

  • Know why you (or others) are resistant to change and work with them to make it happen. 
  • Help others connect the dots for themselves.
  • Be curious and ask open ended questions.

Focus on Positive and Constructive Thoughts, Opportunities and People

  • Make the best of what you’re given.
  • Help others find that right fit, even if it’s not within your team or organization.

Collaborate and Work with Others – together we are better

  • Model and reward collaboration.
  • Create a platform where internal and external stakeholders can work together, aligned on common goals.

Our panelists challenge us to embrace that growth mindset, to collaboratively work together, with open minds and open hearts to address challenges and opportunities for a future we can’t predict.


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