Bring Your Full Self to Work



FountainBlue’s January 21 When She Speaks program, on the topic of ‘Bring Your Full Self to Work”. Please join me in thanking our hosts at Lam Research and our esteemed panelists. We were fortunate to feature such passionate and practical leaders speaking on the topic of ‘Bringing Your Full Self to Work’.  

Our panelists spoke eloquently on how having a safe space, building broad and deep connections, and connecting with authenticity can help bring out the divergent thinking, speaking and doing in our people. Indeed, limiting the ‘should-ing’ might mean having less stringent ‘guard-rails’ and more freedom for full expression.

Our panelists provided insights and advice on the business up-sides for bringing your full self to work, including the innovation, creativity, collaboration and engagement benefits. Below is a compilation of their thoughts on how to foster a culture where everyone shows up fully at work:

  • Align with leaders on the corporate and product direction, and invite input from all levels on how we can all work together to achieve amazing results.
  • Authentically speak your truth with integrity and invite others to do the same, so that motivations and intentions are understood and supported.
  • Boldly act like it will no longer be business as usual – the future is unclear, but everyone should feel emboldened and empowered to support the goals and direction for the organization.
  • Reward and encourage everyone to include a wide range of people and perspectives in all activities.
  • Help everyone understand the best way to express their full selves, including managing the audience and timing for chosen words and actions.
  • Develop deep individual connections with a broad range of people. 
  • Measure and report on the impact of your diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, and collaborate with everyone to better strategize, plan and execute to deliver incremental results.
  • Be positive and constructive with feedback, and gently raise the bar.
  • Manage your own biases and reservations so you can be more open, inclusive and receptive, and model that behavior for others. 

The bottom line is that it takes courage to show up as your full self at work, and a lot of work to help people feel comfortable enough to do so. But it’s also clear that leaders and managers who are able to do so will reap the business benefits, while also doing the right thing for all.


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