Leading with Passion, Agility and Resilience


FountainBlue’s February 18 When She Speaks program was on the topic of ‘Leading with Passion, Agility and Resilience’. Please join me in thanking our hosts at Micron and our esteemed panelists. 


Our esteemed panelists spoke eloquently and passionately not only about the ‘why’ behind leading with passion, agility and resilience, but also about the ‘how’. Their teams and organizations have definitely benefited from their leadership, fortitude and drive during this type of great change. Below is a compilation of best practices for leading with passion, agility, and resilience.

Know Yourself and Manage Yourself

  • Know yourself and understand your skills, desires and motivations so that you can better manage and lead, no matter what your role and level.
  • Proactively navigate your career path, but do it with fluidity instead of opting for a lock-step strategy for advancement.
  • Take advantage of serendipitous opportunities, for fortune favors the bold and prepared.
  • Manage the voice in your head and consistently make happiness your choice.
  • Have faith that you may not always get everything right, but that you will always continue to learn and grow, even when the future is unpredictable.
  • Internalize the key leadership qualities you need and keep raising the bar for yourself and others around you.

Focus on Business Imperatives

  • Be proactive with your decision-making, so that you can continue to lead with passion and make a difference.
  • Change is a constant, so be flexible and energetic as you lean in to drive a change for the good.
  • Make a business case for the leadership and management changes you desire – for that will more likely get you the funding and support you need to make it happen.

Empower Others

  • Make learning accessible for all, and support everyone in achieving their development and advancement goals.
  • Be empathetic, supportive and authentic so you can better empower others to also lead with passion and purpose.

Keep Reaching for Stars

  • Agilely navigate challenges, and doggedly work with resilience to collaboratively impact the bottom line.
  • Learn to be more professionally compassionate, more authentically and transparently communicative. 
  • Be confident enough to ask questions and curious enough to learn from the responses to those questions.

The bottom line is that if we act as all-one, all-in, we would greatly increase our odds of success while also improving our personal development and satisfaction. 


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