Open Minds, Open Hearts



FountainBlue’s December 2 Front Line Managers Online program was on the topic of ‘Open Hearts, Open Minds’. Please join me in thanking our panelists. 

We were fortunate to have such inspiring and practical advice from a diverse set of open-hearted, open-minded leaders and managers. Our panelists shared their advice and strategies for:

  • embracing the business opportunities for being open-minded and open-hearted
  • thinking, planning and executing on these strategies to produce measurable outcomes
  • welcoming the opportunities and challenges around the unknowns and
  • amplifying the ripple effect – where success builds on success

Below is a compilation of their advice:

It takes leadership.

  • See the up-sides in the challenges and courageously venture forth strategically, methodically, and collaboratively to build both relationships and results.
  • Clearly communicate the North Star – the values and direction for the organization – and inspire and lead others to collaborate and make incremental progress.
  • Focus on the long-term plans while navigating the short-term challenges and opportunities.
  • Choose to regularly perform the tasks and actions which move the needle forward, in alignment with corporate goals, market trends, and customer demands.
  • Challenge your team to do more with less, but make sure that they have minimal support and resources to succeed.

Build a culture of trust.

  • Communicate clearly and transparently in a way which connects and informs in order to build a culture of trust, where people feel comfortable stretching themselves, taking calculated risks, while learning and growing.
  • Help your team see change as an opportunity and provide them with the support, training and resources so that they can pivot and flex with the changes, both anticipated and not.
  • Adopt a can-do, positive attitude especially through challenging circumstances.
  • Be clear on the guardrails around change so people can better take measured risk and more likely succeed. 
  • Have the back of your team members as they take risks.

Stretch yourself.

  • Leverage your experience and connections to position yourself for expansion, growth and impact. 
  • Be willing to make the best of challenging circumstances – they are character-building opportunities. 
  • Choose to make an impact within and across roles, products and functions with an open mind, and an open heart.
  • Be curious about the challenges of others and sincerely offer your support.

The bottom line is that having an open mind and an open heart is the foundation for leadership and innovation, which in turn keeps companies, teams and leaders productive and successful.


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